Eating Plans is your ONLINE Shop for : Health, Improved Wellness Weight Loss Ultimately Weight Maintenance for long term, sustained results!

The Eating Plans offer runs for a minimum of 52 weeks

One email per week includes a complete One Day Eating Plan

Over the course of the program, you’ll receive a variety of One Day Eating Plans including, but not limited to: Mediterranean, Greek, Asian, Indian, Vegetarian, South African and more

Eating Plans include healthy, fat busting, wellness enhancing recipes for: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking ideas

Within the 52 week period you can expect in the region of 300 unique recipes

Eating Plans includes heathy eating ideas for special occasions like Valentines, Mothers & Father’s Day, Heritage Day, Xmas and more

Eating Plans is suitable for men & women

Suitable for the entire family, no need to prepare different meals

Suitable for diabetics or anyone with a chronic illness – eating healthy is a must, regardless

Eating Plans can be tailored for weight loss, energy & vitality, sports & fitness, losing body fat, improved health

With over 300 recipes you’ll enjoy abundant choice

Should recipes include foods you don’t enjoy – no problem – choice is vast, you’ll always find suitable meals & ideas

Daily plans are based on roughly 1200 – 1400 calories

Eating Plans is designed to ensure you make better food choices while avoiding foods which compromise overall wellness

Eating Plans is an Online Program – where you live is irrelevant

All the highlights listed on the voucher will be communicated over the coming weeks & months

Eating Plans offer includes:

• In excess of 300 meal ideas and recipes
• One Day Plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacking
• Healthy braai & entertaining recipes and meal planning
• No need to be a party pooper at functions and social occasions
• Learn how to prepare nutritious fat busting meals everyone can enjoy and still be kind to your waistline
• Ensure your children’s future health is preserved by preparing healthy, fun options from a young age
• All suggested ingredients are local, no foreign recipes you won’t understand
• No need to prepare separate meals for the family
• Boost your metabolism with each meal you eat due to correct food choices
• No need to change everything overnight
• Learn how to implement one or two good ideas weekly and in 2-3 months
• Watch your body transform, the centimetres will melt away, enjoy increased energy and boost your metabolism.
• You’ll be emailed regular, weekly recipes for a year
• You’ll receive a guaranteed 300 PLUS meals & recipes
• Receive more than 100 Smoothie Recipes over the lifespan of your program

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