Dave Pohl and Associates

Dave Pohl & Associates is an independent insurance brokerage established to provide sound financial risk advice to clients.

Natasha is a registered Financial Planner has been in the industry since 1993. She is passionate about what she does. It is her goal to enrich peoples’ lives with her knowledge and advice and to add holistic value to their lives.

Because Natasha is a peoples-person she can identify with your needs, working with integrity and taking your best interests to heart. Natasha brings with her a positive energy, along with years of experience, and transfers this inspiration to her clients.

Due to the complex nature of the industry Natasha endeavours to identify with her clients’ needs and to fit these needs to the products best suited by them. Natasha’s marketing experience enables her to simplify the products available in the market and offer her clients a tailor-made, holistic package.

Natasha Specialises in the following:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Severe Illness
  • Investments
  • Wills
 Listings arrow icon  Name Dave Pohl and Associates
 Listings phone icon  Call  +27 (0) 82 341 0538
 Listings email icon  Email  Natasha@davepohl.co.za
 Listings address icon  Location Wexford House, Three Seasons Office Park, 7 Spring Street, Rivonia 2128
 Listings website icon  Website  www.davepohl.co.za

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